I do not agree that they lost protagonism.

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March 2, 2019 – MADRID (SPAIN) Leo Messi, Barcelona forward and Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid defender, in the King’s Cup challenge. LaPresse A strange Clásico, that tonight. It arrived in four days from that of the Copa del Rey ended with a 3-0 in favor of Barça liar technically but realistically very painful for Madrid. In Liga the two teams are separated by 9 points and there really remontada air, with or as they say in Spanish.

The Madrid should think about the Champions League last trophy available with Ajax waited at the Bernabeu on Tuesday. But in the air there is discouragement from the public and a certain fear among the players, almost physically afraid represented perfectly by the words of Sergio Ramos picked up by a camera on Wednesday 3-0: “Vamos, vamos, that there they are! “he said the captain worried.

STARS MARGINAL – Solari tonight was going to do the exchange, to give space to the usual little illustrious type Marcelo and Bale. Maybe even Asensio, and who knows a piece well as Isco, Wednesday in the stands. Stars that have shaped the recent history of the club and who ended up on the edge of the Solar System.

And why that tonight might be the last Clásico. But the upper floors of Casa Blanca meanders a beastly nervousness is evident paranoia and a total lack of calm that contrasts with the 4 Champions won the last five years. So much so that Madrid has decided to lay in the trunk Alvaro Benito, a technician from the cantera madridista immaculate pedigree and proven professional skills, for some radio commentary during the Clásico on Wednesday.

Nothing special, but the ax is taken the same and made a great noise. The Big Match La Liga: Real Madrid-Barcelona Sulking OBVIOUS – A Solari yesterday asked the four previously mentioned players, valuable assets of the club at the time severely devalued. “I do not agree that they lost protagonism. Bale available since returning has played every game (yes, but only 2 of 9 from the owner, editor’s note) and is scoring.

On Marcelo I say only that everyone knows what that means for this company. Asensio since his return played in all races except one (again, once you start on 8, ed). Isco was injured 18 days, works well, with the group of 4-5 days and is available, which is what matters. All are important, not just those that start the games. Titles are won by the whole squad. ” Yes, but the discontent is evident in Valdebebas.

Yesterday the police had to intervene because he was going up the tension between the players who did not stop to sign autographs and people asking them. CREDIT SOLD OUT – The same Solari seems to be the last Clásico, crossings of Champions permitting. His credit, never exaggerated, is already to a minimum. The lack of patience to Florentino Perez, exhausted. Arrived at the end of October, with a contract until 2021, only winning the Champions League will be the guide of Madrid next season.

Isco is on a war footing, Marcelo ready to leave. Bale wants to stay but Perez, after years of pampering, you are also tired of him will not be easy place it saw the card costs and engagement. MONTH’S FAVORITE – In all this there is to deal with Barcelona, ​​which does not play well but it is on course for a treble: “On the game every opinion is respectable but you can not please everyone – said Valverde -. At triplete you think when you have won two titles, and we are still at zero. ” And then there is Messi, La Liga Pichichi on Wednesday has not accomplished almost nothing if you wake him Madrid must tremble. Also because March is historically the month his favorite: 82 goals in 75 games. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV from our correspondent Filippo Maria Ricci  @ filippomricci

November 17, 2016 – LOS ANGELES (USA) The new Jeep Compass In addition to the Stelvio Fca Group presents another premiere at the Los Angeles Motor Show. This is the new Jeep Compass which goes on sale in over 100 countries in the world and in Italy will arrive in the second half of next year. The new Jeep is long 4450 mm will be engaged in the provision of the Jeep Renegade and Cherokee in the compact SUV sector.

The new Compass recalls in appearance the “sister” greater Grand Cherokee, but also offers the typical styles of Jeep tradition as the pillar behind very massive and wheel arches that guarantee a car’s boxy shape. Big screen in the central engines – Inside is the big screen next-generation consoles, while the platform of the new Jeep Compass, is the same of the Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade, albeit adapted to the different lengths of the Compass.

A provision of the new Jeep Compass there will be a basic four-wheel drive, but some variants also offer the front-wheel drive. The Compass of the engines will be the known 4-cylinder gasoline engine 1400 cmc MultiAir and 1600 or 2000 cc turbodiesel also available with the automatic transmission to 9 reports. Wheel arch square Corrado Channels

January 23, 2019 – Milan Iemmello Pietro, 26, striker Foggia. You Lapresse Peter Iemmello (along with his charisma) the winner of the day for Red Bull B-Best. Users and readers of “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, which organizes the contest with Red Bull, have rewarded striker Foggia (in Serie A with the jerseys of Sassuolo and Benevento). Iemmello, after the crucial goals scored in the away match in Carpi, leaped in a controversy, silencing critics who had suffered during the week.

Charisma – The bomber of Puglia beat several tough opponents: a Kargbo (Crotone the heart), the energy of Dimitri Bisoli (Brescia), the genius of Bonazzoli (Padova) and even Casasola (Salerno), author of a goal to ‘ extra-time against the league leaders Palermo. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV path – Iemmello was born in Catanzaro March 6, 1992 and is a product of the youth of Catanzaro Lido.

In the youth sector, however, it passes five years at Fiorentina, with which he also wins the championship National Students. Benin to Pro Vercelli between 2011 and 2013, after two memorable experiences not at Spezia and Novara ends at Foggia, where his career is completely different. With De Zerbi training him Peter Iemmello explodes and marks avalanche of goals in two seasons in Serie C (in those times still Lega Pro).

The Sassuolo takes it and Pietro scored his first goal in Serie A at Crotone, in the eighth day of the 2016-17 season. It ends this season with a double win at Inter and the 1000th goal of the season, scored in the match against Fiorentina. Last year, few joys with Benevento, although the April 21 marks the goal that is worth their first away win in Serie A of Campania: San Siro against Milan.

Back at Foggia last summer, has scored 4 goals in this Series B. At Foggia is nicknamed King Peter and in private life is paired with Giulia Elettra Gorietti (famous actress), from which the Violante daughter was born. Giuseppe Di Giovanni

August 23, 2016 tototv live – Milan Usain Bolt made another hat-trick. Except that in this case it is not gold, but of beautiful maidens, with whom has been immortalized to celebrate its thirtieth birthday in a Rio nightclub in the night between Saturday and Sunday, with the final bill 1000 pounds, paid personally by the sample.

The latest achievement is a mysterious brunette with long hair and beautiful Olympic lanyard exhibition, in which Jamaican sprinter was caught frolicking in the VIP area of ​​the club, complete with a kiss on the lips to seal the happy meeting. Before her, Bolt had even kicked off the dance doing twerking with a dancer unidentified, only to end up spending the night with twenty student Jady Duarte, who would then be keen to make it known to the world by spreading WhatsApp pictures her and Bolt together after the wild night in Barra de Tijuca.

Rio 2016, Bolt unleashed disco THE WIDOW OF A LADIES OF DRUG – Images that probably the student is already regretting that he had allowed them to be made public, as a result of those 15 minutes of fame to the Daily Mail has managed to find out that Ms. Duarte is actually the widow of Douglas Pereira Donato, otherwise known as Dina Terror, one of the most violent and bloody drug lords in Rio, with whom she had two children. Wanted for at least a dozen crimes, including the murders of 18-year old Rayssa de Carvalho and the 19 year old Raiana Dantas de Jesus, both tortured to death, Pereira was killed by a special police commandos last March, leaving Jady inconsolable (as seen by some post on Facebook).

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